Five Signs You Have Hard WaterHard water, which is water that contains high levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, is a common water quality issue that has numerous effects on your health and your home. If any of these six telltale signs of hard water are familiar, we recommend a water softener which can drastically improve your water quality, through removing the excess minerals.

You may have hard water if:

  • You have low water pressure. When the minerals in hard water build up, they easily clog your pipes and decrease water pressure.
  • Your faucets, sinks, and tubs have a hard to remove residue. Stains in porcelain sinks and toilets are also a common effect of hard water. When the filmy residue cannot be removed easily and is a common occurrence in your home, hard water is probably the culprit.
  • Your laundry seems to have a residue, and doesn’t come out feeling soft. Hard water doesn’t allow soap to fully clean your clothing, leaving behind a soapy residue and leaving your clothes feeling less than fresh.
  • Your skin and hair feel dry. Like with your clothing, hard water makes it more difficult for soap and shampoo to completely rinse, making your hair dull and skin dry and itchy. The soap remaining on your skin clogs pores, causing skin problems. Shampoo also coats hair strands which then become brittle and die because they are not being cleaned.
  • Your water related appliances aren’t working properly. The minerals in hard water create a hard buildup inside the appliances, causing your dishwasher and washing machine to work less efficiently. This can not only drive up your utility bills and repair costs, but leave your clothing and dishes less than clean.